Read any good jerseys, bottles, t-shirts, or gloves lately?

You've never seen jerseys like these.


The sayings on these jerseys are by

Bartali won the Tour de France in 1938 and 1948,
and the Giro d'Italia in 1936, 1937, 1946.

Marco Pantani won the Tour and Giro in 1998.
Have you ever heard a more beautiful line for love of cycling than his here?

This is Bernard Hinault. I must tell you he didn't wear these jerseys for one day
during his five victories in the Tour de France, his three victories in the Giro d'Italia,
or his two wins of the Vuelta.

The signatures on the following jersey are GINO BARTALI'S and FAUSTO COPPI'S.

Coppi won the Tour de France in 1949 and 1952
and the Giro d'Italia in 
1940, 1947, 1949, 1952, 1953.
He was World Champion in 1953.

The signatures are taken from Bartali's and Coppi's original
in the collection of the designer of these jerseys.

 Mario Cipollini, World Road Champion, 12 stage wins in the
Tour de France, 42 in the Giro d'Italia, 3 in the Vuelta d'Espagna.


The following jerseys are designed for safety to look like the warning signs
drivers see on the back of trucks, obstructions, and the sides of roads.

All four jerseys have quotations by the great Fausto Coppi
("Ride a bike. Ride a bike. Ride a bike."), 5-time Tour de France winner, Jacques Anquetil
("I pedal the same as others breathe."), Gino Bartali ("Life means riding a bike."),
and Marco Pantani ("My language is the bike.").
The quotations are on the chest,  sleeves, and back, and
rotate so they are on different places on each jersey.


(L.) Mario Cipollini: World Road Champion; 12 Stage wins, Tour de France; 42 stage wins, Giro d'Italia.
(R.) Jens Voigt: World One Hour Record holder, Tour de France stage winner.

The following two jerseys contain the names of twelve racers you should get to know if you don't. 
Yes, there are the obvious, 5-time Tour and Giro winners, but also others
for whom I have enormous respect: Christophe, Obree, Strada, and Taylor.
I challenge you to go find out who they were and why I honor them on my jersey.
I've made their names
deliberately difficult to see—near black-on-black—for subtlety
and to maintain the simplicity and even conventionality of the design.

Bibs...yes, bibs, even though here they are shown as 
shorts. They aren't. They're bibs.


...And on the utter hand, there's this....

If you're wondering, "What's with the weird pink cow logo?" —it's a joke, a pun
...and nobody gets it without a prod. Do you? It's explained on the About the Designer page.